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Any ass related problems or phobias.

State or manner of someone continuously being an asshole.
I have to go to the doctor. I'm having some assues.

My husband wants me to stick things up his butt. He's got some assues.
by Ashland_rox December 31, 2009
A game played by one or more individuals where the player(s) attempt to accurately guess the ethnicity of a person accurately in either verbal or written format.
T: You wanna play Guessnicity?

K: Sure, throw some names at me.

T: Tyrell.

K: African-American

T: Jorge

K: Hispanic

T: Kareem

K: African-American?

T: Wrong...Arabic.

K: Dang, this game is hard!!
by Ashland_Rox March 08, 2010
A photograph of ones feces taken for the purposes of bragging, nostalgia, comedy relief or simply because the photographer has assues. (See definition of assues).
Dude A: I took a hella crap this morning. It was so big I had to take a shiture. Check it out (showing Dude B the evidence).

Dude B: Holy shit, What did you name it?
by Ashland_rox March 02, 2010
When a female (or possibly male) has a very strong fishy odor coming from the crotch region.
I thought she was naked, but little did I know she was wearing salmonpants.

I smell fish...you must be wearing salmonpants.
by Ashland_rox December 31, 2009
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