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2 definitions by Ashisthashit

To take a long ass drag from a cigarette.
Steven: *Power draging the cigg*

Josh: Wow you would power drag it.

Steven: Wow i would be doing that just to see how long i can drag it.

Josh: You know that's a waste of a cigarette dude and it will taste like shit when you do that.

Steven: Wow i would not care and wow it would be fun.

Josh: *Punches Steven multiple times*
by Ashisthashit September 13, 2011
11 0
A Group of kids that give Punk music a bad name. All they do is talk about how shitty our government is and talk shit on electronic music and sub genres especially dubstep.
Mike: Yo dawg this new Excision album is the shit

Christian: Fuck yeah brah wub wub wub wub wub

Kelly: I fucking hate dubstep both of you guys are idiots. That shit is not even music. Fuck the system and hail Satan!

James: I totally agree fuck that stupid shit, it's not even music. Lets go listen to the Ramones and spike each others mohawks.

Mike: Yo these Kids are fuckin "Punk Fouls"

Christian: Yeah either they stop talking shit about our music and insulting us or we beat the shit out of them.
by Ashisthashit September 04, 2011
8 3