5 definitions by Ashish

A vagina the size of Idaho!
thrice 681: ...........cooch
by Ashish February 27, 2005
a movie that was copied from an indian movie (in this case is lagaan)
oh that movie is again another dodgeball
by Ashish February 07, 2005
Sience, Human thinking, How people react to different situation due to different experiences. Everyone should have psychologic capabilities.
oh boy susy is psychatric..
by Ashish March 17, 2005
abstract noun. Anything that is considered good, or beneficial, to the subject. Anything that is currently hip, chic, or in fashion at the time.
e.g. "Monique jus switched cell phones, she bout to get the Verizon jump off next week"

"You goin to the new club?" "Hells yea, thas the jump off right there, nah mean"
by Ashish November 14, 2003
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