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H and A, or Handa means Honda Motor Corp. and their USDM owned company Acura. JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) "Acuras" are all labeled Hondas. This is common practice to avoid an American law restricting the amount of models a car manufacturer can release.
I swapped emblems on my Ac to H's when I got my JDM engine swapped in, GO H AND A!
by Ashent May 10, 2006
A rendition of the term feminine. Loosely defined to mean an attractive young female. Sounds cute, as they are.
Oh snap, look at that femme over there!
Whatever, this femme over here has a nicer smile!
by Ashent May 10, 2006
Boulder is a city in Colorado that houses Colorado University. It is a new age, hippy-modern Subaru loving piece of shit town, but besides Denver it is the only place in the state worth going.
Hey, let's go up to the hill and get a bag!

Okay.. That's the only thing to do in Boulder anyways.
by Ashent May 10, 2006
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