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24 definitions by Ashent

A zerg guild is a term used in MMORPGs to describe a group of players with little to no skill, employing hundreds of accounts to get anything done. If an encounter requires 5 people, a zerg guild brings 20.

Offspring of the term 'zerg rush' which was coined from Starcraft, after a race in the game that employs such tactics regularly.
1: "Hye u got teh strat for uber_mob lol??///"
2: "Why? It would take 80 of you to kill it with your zerg guild."
by Ashent June 27, 2006
A person who posts nothing but "TLDR" on everything within a forum. Usually referred to as a troll, but this is a more specialized case. TLDR is an acronym meaning "Too Long Didn't Read" and is used when you have no interest in reading a topic. Used to say basically that your thread, and you yourself certainly suck.
Soem Guy01 : "I collect tiny plaster figurines of kitties and I paint them in my garage. You know, funny thing about that garage..."
General public : Shut up.
by Ashent May 10, 2006
A popular monument in the internet society.

Noun: Ashent as a person or entity. Also,

Verb: To feel gloriously superior.
Did you see Ashent at the concert? He was rocking out!

Person 1: You think you're pretty smart, don't you?
Person 2: Well.. I *AM* Ashent.
by Ashent May 10, 2006
Braille is a caucasian MC with records like "Timeless" and "Shades of Grey." If you appreciate a deeper form of hip hop, you should check him out. Except that he sings about God a lot for some reason.
Man did you see the Braille show last night? Fuckin SICK.
by Ashent June 28, 2006
A car enthusiast who is obsessed with Integras.
Ash: Lol I just put a new hood on my teg, can't wait for my exhaust to come in the mail!

You: God you're such a teggy.
by Ashent June 27, 2006
Fedfuxed is a state you can be in mentally. To watch a mailman skip over your house while awaiting a package.
Me: Man I looked out my window and saw the FedEx guy across the road!
Someone that isn't me: Lol did u get teh package??
Me: No, he drove right by. I got FedFuxed.
by Ashent May 10, 2006
What an AOL user does with his mouse.

Pronounced : Clikt-ed
"Hey Larry I dun clickeded the box but it won't open."
by Ashent June 28, 2006