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Means "wings" in Japanese (like bird wings). It is also the slang/fan-dubbed abriviation of a popular CLAMP manga series: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicles.

Tsubasa is also used in other manga and anime titles.
"Tsubasa was reviewed as to be one of the most anticipated anime of the year!"
by Ashen Phoenix April 23, 2006
Literally means "maiden" in Japanese. It is also the partial name of a popular shoujo anime sequel: "Mai-Otome." The original being Mai-HiME.

The term "otome" is also slowly being integrated as a new way of referring to a ramped anime/manga fangirl. It's a more specific and updated version to the current otaku label (which has been grossly misinterpreted in the States).
"That girl's a MAJOR otome! She's got over 80 manga!"
by Ashen Phoenix April 23, 2006
Kapuke means "cupcake" in Japanese. A cute name, rarely used for a boy, save for in fanfics.
Kapuke is an original character in tenderflower's fanfiction: "The daughter of Ichigo and Kish."
by Ashen Phoenix April 21, 2006
An abriviation for "I Am Cute." A term used by net-junkies or as a T-shirt logo for the web comic "Megatokyo."

Generally used by cute, peppy girls who also fancy sayings such as "Too cute to be yours," "Somethin' Sweet" and "Cutie Pie."
Wow! Your shirt says "I.A.C."! Awexome!
You like it? It's my favorite! :)
by Ashen Phoenix May 10, 2006

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