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as in 1337 hacker
Don't mess with him he's a 1337 h4xz0r and he will own u.
by ashamed October 11, 2003
ass cup, drinking out of some ones ass
I feel violated he drank milk from my fairy cup.
by Ashamed October 14, 2003
A fagget or homosexual male who is so gay it's never questioned whether or not he is a poofta. Any fag in a relationship who is the 'bitch' or catcher to his boyfriend, the pitcher.
My cousin Matthew, who is so anorexic he's 20lbs under the healthy weight for his age and height, and goes by the name 'Mattie' to friends/family and wears his mothers bathrobe around the house.
by ashamed July 05, 2005
fingering a chick during her period
she said i could'nt fuck her so i rode the crimson wave
by ashamed October 11, 2003
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