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A neat way of saying "fuck"
(from the telephone alphabets, F=3 U=8 C=2 and K=5)
"It's all thirty-eighted and twentifived"=It's all fucked up
by Ash314159 November 12, 2004
Fabul(ous) + (F)antastic+ (Awe)some
That was fabulantasticsome
by Ash314159 November 12, 2004
any analytical technique that seeks to explain everything in mathematical terms.
Epimetacalculus is better than any form of traditional philosophy.
by Ash314159 November 13, 2004
A solitary person, posessing an esoteric mind, who is quite lonesome
He is so soltericsome.
by Ash314159 November 12, 2004
The Act of being a fletmaron
fletmaronizm is no worse than sodomy
by Ash314159 November 12, 2004
A very cute person, generally said as a compliment.
"he's such a roothablooga"
by ash314159 November 16, 2004
A place, usually a street, where hippies hang out.
The Haight in San Francisco is perhaps the most well known of all Freak Streets.
by Ash314159 November 12, 2004
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