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something that is awesomely fantastic
"dude that latest tbs cd is sweeeet!"
by Ash28 June 07, 2006
An old Green Day fan who claims the band as theirs because they have been fans for a long time. USUALLY "true" green day fans dont like newer green day fans and think they are better than them because they know every single song from every single album.

"true" green day fans need to realise that the newer fans also listen to the old albums, and love it. They also need to be more supportive of Green Day and should feel happy for them that they are getting the fame they deserve.

Most "true" green day fans

1. label themselves that
2. dislike the new album just because it has hit it big.
3. will hate me after i post this
"im a true green day fan because i have liked them forever, i know every song, the lyrics mean a lot to me, i know their names, i can repeat their whole biography and because i know where they live... aka im a stalker."
by Ash28 May 29, 2006

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