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The act of a person defecating on another's penis immediately after they are sodomized.
"It went really well until I got some tainted retribution"

"My boyfriend really wanted to try butt sex for the longest time, so to turn him off from it I gave him a tainted retribution the first time we did it"
by ash0ka March 08, 2009
Any player in the game of WoW who is an anti-semite.
Don't be such a redpanda, the holocaust was real.
by ash0ka March 08, 2009
Any warlock player that is in the computer game World Of Warcraft that dies multiple times during raids.
"I can't believe how chicaca that warlock is, he's died every pull!"
by Ash0ka March 08, 2009
A person in Brazil who lures teenage Americans to Brazil to become under aged sex slaves or kidnap them for random money. Referencing the semi-famous kidnapping case when a young boy from Illinois was lured then kidnapped (and later forced to become a drug mule in 2009) by a mysterious Brazilian with the screen name Deyah.
Don't go to Brazil, you might get deyahed.
by ash0ka March 08, 2009
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