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The crappiest Cell phone provider ever. With its $2.50 ringtones and your 25 cents a minute calls, that are always DROPPED. Nothing ever goes right, no service EVER. Its horrible. Maybe I should go to Europe to make a damn phone call where I have service!
Person 1: So are we chilling tonight? I just got a new Virgin Mobile Celly!
P2: Yeah, sure, I'll check out yer new phone!
P1: Okay cool so I'll meet you at the co- *click*
by Ash uh lee January 02, 2007
A pedos dream. MySpace is a place to sit all day and post chain messages saying "omgzzz if you dont repost this in 6.7 seconds, you will die by tonight!11!!1" Myspace is mostly a place for 14-20 year olds, but the stupid little sluts that are 11 and 12 years old come on to the site and dress in their 9 inch stelletos with their mini skirts and take pictures saying that they are 17, so hot college guys can comment then and say "Hey baby, you looking damn fine in that outfit, lets chill". Myspace is a gateway to the world, so little girls can give old men a good time. Mostly a place that is obsessed over by teens. Myspace is a place to post your badass pictures with your friends with captions that say “Hey, we are hardcore” You spend hours photoshopping you favorite pictures, then you post 15 bulletins saying how cool your pic is and promise your friends that if they comment you, you will comment them back. When you get in fights with people, you automatically go onto myspace so that you can delete them from your friends. Highy addicting.
Annie- "Hey Laura, check out this hot guy I found on Myspace!"
Laura- "Oh my, Add him and leave him a comment, maybe he will comment you back!"
Annie- "oh my gosh maybe! Oh hey! I better repost this bulletin and the love of my life will kiss me tomorrow! but If I dont repost, a scary man thats naked will come to my bedroom tonight and kill me"
Laura- "Sounds risque, you better repost."
by Ash uh lee January 02, 2007
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