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1) "Beautiful People" is a phrase used by "hippies" in the 1960's counterculture to describe other people in their sub-society. Basically a synonym for "hippie", but "Hippies" was, for many, a somewhat derogatory term; "Beautiful People" is still considered by many "hippie"-like people to be one of the highest compliments. This title became more widely known after the publication of "The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test" by Tom Wolfe.

2) Originated from the "Beautiful People Letter", a form letter sent home by many "hippies" to their worrying middle-class mothers.

3) Can be derogatory in and of itself, considering that a lot of so-called "Beautiful People" are actually rich hypocrites trying to be cool.
1) Square - "Where were you last weekend?"
Beautiful Person - "Oh, I was hanging out with some Beautiful People up at Yasgur's Farm."

2) "Dear Mother, I meant to write you before this and I hope you haven’t been worried, I am in (San Francisco / Los Angeles / New York / Arizona / a Hopi Indian Reservation!!!! / Ajijic / San Miguel de Allende / Mazatlan, Mexico!!!!) and it is really Beautiful here. It is a Beautiful scene. Beautiful People doing Beautiful Things."

3) How does it feel to be / One of the Beautiful People? ... Baby, You're a Rich Man.
--Baby You're a Rich Man, The Beatles
by AsLongAsJanisGetsToSing September 13, 2009

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