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a pirates favorite element
Arrrrr! thar be AAARRRRRRgon in these here waters

mmmmmmmMMMMMMM argon!!!!
by aryk December 18, 2006
Verb: To smoke marajuana as a recreational drug; To get high; to role marajuana into a joint for later use; derived from the area of Walnut Grove in Langley British Columbia in which pretty much everyone smokes drugs
A-Ron enjoys to "grove" it.
Dave is "groving" it in the back
by Aryk November 15, 2006
1. A computer keyboard
2. The sound a keyboard makes
1. Dude ur clickity-clack is noob
2. man i hate the clickity-clack noise a clickity-clack makes
by Aryk December 20, 2006
The way Asians see the world
dude i just got a new high definition tv!
Thats awesome now you can see like an asian!
by aryk December 18, 2006

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