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When a particular subject becomes too much of a hassle for you to bear any longer. Usually used when one is upset about how what was once enjoyable has become too much to deal with.
This whole NCAA bracket thing has become a major Forcedown.
by Aryeh Cohen March 20, 2007
When you get screwed over, often by someone who's name begins with the letter "A". normally said when the screwing over happens to you, but if it happens to a friend it is permissable to say as well
1)Bill: ya josh got dumped the other day
Jack: A-Shaft!

2)ya he stole my seat the other day in carpool, it was a major A-Shaft. and it was after i called shotgun too!
by Aryeh Cohen March 21, 2007
verbal vomit.
to speak about a subject of which you know nothing about and act as if you.
Student: ...and therefore, since the man in the white coat was schizophrenic and was too busy dealing with his psychotic girlfriend whom he invented in his mind to realize what was happening around him, the president had no choice but to shoot him in the jawbone.
Proffesor: So you're trying to tell me that the president shot his brother during the Boston Tea Party?
Student: To my knowledge sir, yes i am
Proffesor: You're spewing out your Anus
by Aryeh Cohen March 25, 2007

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