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An Indian is a member of a noble race. The progenitors of the Caucasian/Caucasoid race.
The original and only true Aryan people. Gave rise to people of Iran (Persians) as the Indians (Aryans) migrated north-westerly.

They also migrated East giving rise to cultures of South-East Asia....notice the temples of Angkor-Wat and Bali.........also the various Sanskrit place names common in South-East Asia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia etc.

The Indians gave rise to modern languages--Indo-European languages.
The ancient and honorable race of Indians are the true and pure Aryans.

To be an Indian means being intelligent, honorable and hardworking.

Arjuna was a great Aryan Indian hero, and many young Indians aspire to be like Arujuna.

The great Aryan warrior of India, Arjuna, saw only the eye of the bird whilst everyone else saw the whole bird, the garden, the tree etc.

Being an Indian is being Aryan and being Aryan is being Indian.

You can thank India and the Aryan Indians for the zero and the base 10 number system.

India is Aryan, there is no Arya/Dravida divide. Dravida means south in ancient Sanskrit.........that is it. Aryan-Dravida divide is a colonial device to destabilize India and her people and it has worked but now we are changing it as we realize our Southern brothers are just that, our brothers. An Aryan skin tone ranges from light tanned, olive skinned to medium and even dark brown/black skin tones in the South.

That Punjabi man is a pure Aryan.

That Keralite man is a pure Aryan.

Thus all Indians are pure Aryan.
by AryaMaster May 14, 2009

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