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1. a perfectly lovely movie about decadence and decay...and how much fun it is... its best viewed with a shadow cast in a theater. nothing liek getting a lap dance from a franknfurter look alike.

2. adj. vamp, camp, trashy in an extremely cool way
1. hey, wanna go see rocky horror this friday? i need a transvestite fix.

2. the way you walk with that pompous smile and ludicrous corset on is very rocky horror.
by arwen July 22, 2004
1. an amazing band from omaha on conor oberst's new label, team love. they forego a drummer and instead use the talents of a band member's tap dancing for percussion.

2. to be incredibly inventive and original.
1. everytime i listen to tilly and the wall, it makes me wanna tap dance too.

2. i cant believe you just thought of that! youve been tilly-ing it up lately with your ideas!
by arwen July 22, 2004
A small town located in Canada, Saskatchewan.
Weirdale is so small, there's only 3 stores on "main street".
by arwen November 21, 2004
Permanant Pre-Menstral
..it's a term used for people who are constantly grouchy
by arwen August 20, 2004
Someone who sleeps around, dresses sluttily, etc. See whore, but with the added biscuit. ^_^
"Look at that girl in that 3cm mini skirt. What a whorebiscuit!"
by Arwen February 10, 2005
Stands for Stupid Pikey Idiot.
"I was walking down the street and I saw a SPI wearing a burberry cap and beating up an old lady."
by Arwen February 10, 2005
1. the bassist for the smashing pumpkins for many years (with the exception of the years when she was kicked out fostering her crack addict, and replaced by melissa auf der maur). likes to wear see-thru shirts, but was pretty good at what she did (besides the crack...)
2. a crack whore
1. D'arcy was a good bassist, but Melissa is better.

2. Damn it! why must you be such a D'arcy?
by arwen July 22, 2004

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