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When one want's to play beer pong but it out of the normal red party cups. One goes into the kitchen and finds the most random containers to play beer pong with. Examples include, coffee mug or pots, pitchers, steins, measuring cups, teapots or pickle jars or anything else you see fit.
Rumple- Lets play some beer pong
Joe- No, we shall play Hodge Podge beer pong and it shall be grand!
Towns People- Huzzah!
by Arumple September 25, 2008
A sexual act not unlike the world renowned "blow-job", but containing more use of the females teeth. Also used in exchange of US currency.
Customer- Hey how much for a beer?
Bartender- 2 bucks, or a few teeth j's
Customer- Your lucky I'm broke
by Arumple September 18, 2008
While taking a beer bong, you throw up into the hose, but continue to finish the rest of your beer and your vomit...
Boston is such a pussy he rebonged his first one of the night.
by Arumple September 13, 2008

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