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A Wicz-Viction is the act of being evicted by a polish landlord, usually such an eviction dose not involve paperwork but rather is a harsh way of using "polish strong arming" or " the muscle" to throw out an undesirable tenant. Such eviction is not legal but rather can ruin someones day. Such a method is a shot-term fix to a long term problem by usually putting fear into the tenant(s). A Wicz-Viction can also be know as a Ski-Viction.
Sally (crying) Britney... can i stay over at your house tonight? i have a serious issue..
Britney sure Sally whats wrong?
Sally well i didn't pay my rent this month, my landlord and his partner gave me the Wicz-Viction notice...they came over and started throwing out my stuff onto the front yard, My laptop, flat screen and dressers. I called the cops but this is one huge mess and it ruined my night!
by Artur Guolvinowitcz November 13, 2011

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