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Noun: Fartfignewton (fart-fig-newton)

1. The state of being a fart genius

what a fartfignewton!
by Artt Vandalay October 30, 2007
Verb: Kyoon-Baazi (qu-oon baa-zee)

1. The formal consolidation of kyoonies in its worldwide network.
2. An underground organization defined by Kontagious Inc. as delegating an egregious form of kyoon-like attributes.

It's the Kyoon-Baazi Playa!
by Artt Vandalay October 30, 2007
Noun: Bardiga (Bar-Diga)

1. The representation of western thoughts on indian language and its ability to bring a rich language into one concise word.
Bardiga Bardiga Bardiga
by Artt Vandalay November 04, 2007
Noun: Tawzand

1. Another form of the number "Thousand" with respect to the exaggeration of any object an individual chooses to define.

The container had a TAWZAND drawers.
by Artt Vandalay October 30, 2007
Noun: IJ (eye-jay)

1. Cultural implications of a Jewish Iranian in present day Los Angeles.
There goes that IJ.

It was an IJ party.
by Artt Vandalay October 30, 2007
Noun: Kyoon (qu-oon)
Adjective: Kyooni (qu-oonie)

1. The fidelity of homosexuals engaged in their prevalent attitudes, which constitute homosexual practice as well as further homosexual tendencies.

Other forms of the word: Chonie (cho-nie) and Chonsky (chon-skee)
What a kyoon you are!

That guy jeff from the dorms at UCLA was such a kyoon.

by Artt Vandalay October 30, 2007
Noun: Gondola (gone-dola)

1. An attribute of undeniable grace engorged in the mind of a senile individual.
The gondola oh the gondola!
by Artt Vandalay October 30, 2007
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