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When a woman nearly overdoses on testosterone, causing her clitoris to grow to the point of looking like a cheap Made in China version of a full-grown penis.
A: "I was watching women's fitness on TV yesterday and I'm pretty sure that one of those women had a penis."
B: "No, that was just a testosterone-enhanced clitoris, a 'testosteris'."
by Artnar May 14, 2010
The act of standing out either in public or in a private stance with another person and letting out a fierce warcry, demanding immediate cuddling.
1. A man and woman are lying together in bed. Suddenly the woman gets up and makes herself likely to go to the bathroom. Suddenly the man lets out a fierce cuddlecry: "CROOOAAARGHH!". The woman immediately halts, and returns to bed to cuddle.

2. "Man, I was in dire need of some cuddling yesterday, so I went down to the pub, jumped on the counter and let out a deep cuddlecry. To my surprise I was thrown out on my ass in a very un-cuddly manner."
by Artnar May 13, 2010
A person, most likely living in the basement of his/her parents, that claims to like neither men or women in the real world but does, however, enjoy masturbating to porn.
A: "My mate nearly made it with this really hot girl yesterday, but he blew her off for jerking it to porn at home."

B: "Whoa. He must be gay!"

A: "No, he isn't into real-life relations with neither men nor women, he's pornsexual."
by Artnar May 18, 2010
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