2 definitions by Artificial Playground

This is the word of champs. It signifies the four regions of every man's life. Artificial Playground as a whole represents the video game section, which is also the most dominant. Play represents the sports section. The other two are somewhere in there, so I will let you use your imagination.
I am an Artificial Playground because I love video games and football.
by Artificial Playground November 27, 2003
a disease that infects the penal region of a man. It is mainly caused by picking your ass. By picking your ass, you are applying force and are pushing your internals out, causing them to bunch together, forming a knot which then forms a tumor. These tumors are later released as shit, but some servere cases involve the tumor exiting through the urethra.
The homeless bum got penalblotta because he picked his poopy ass too much. He pissed on my car and there was a tumor on my windshield.
by Artificial Playground November 26, 2003

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