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3 definitions by ArtieLange'sRottenLiver

A US political party that is known for its strong closeted homosexuality and hatred of women, children, the US Constitution, freedom, and justice. They are famous for declaring that government is incapable of functioning well and proving it by being really bad leaders. They are often characterized by being failed businessmen that are baled out by their fathers and by Saudi oil barons. They generally test between 60 and 80 on standardized IQ tests and must therefore wear drool catchers in public. In addition to being gay, not that there is anything wrong with that, they are often paedophiles and enjoy sticking fruits and vegetables into the eye sockets of cute kittens.

See Larry Craig, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Mark Foley, Newt Gingrich, and Hitler.
What was the cause of the downfall of American society, the destruction of freedom all over the world, and a 10 fold increase in gas prices over eight years? Republicans.
by ArtieLange'sRottenLiver November 08, 2007
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Someone who follows Christianity. Christianity is a very dangerous ancient religions cult that believes that an invisible fairy man who lives in the sky created everything. They are know for killing anyone that tries to reason with them and tell them they are batshit crazy. See George Bush.
I sure hope the rapture comes soon; I want that Christian's Porsche 911 SC.

Help! Christians are stealing my country!

Christian? No, I have a brain.
by ArtieLange'sRottenLiver November 08, 2007
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1) N. A mythical creature invented to control the weak. See, boogie man.

2) E. Something you scream when you hit your thumb with a hammer.

3) A hispanic man.
Jesus H. Christ! Jesus stole Jesus' donation box!
by ArtieLange'sRottenLiver November 08, 2007
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