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Acronym for Dental Admissions test; requires knowledge in genetics, biology, chemistry, quantitative reasoning, perceptual ability, organic chemistry and reading comprehension.

Considered by pre-medical and pre-dental students alike to be a scrawnier version of the MCAT, with discrete questions as opposed to the mind-bending passages that the MCAT puts you through.

Contains some truly sadistic perceptual ability questions, in which one is supposed to visualize the folding pattern of a 3-D object resembling nothing you have seen before in your life containing shapes you've never before seen in your life.

Like the MCAT, upon proximity to the test, you're only as good as your last practice test score, which sucked.

An 18 is regular, but in order to get into some of the better schools in the nation, like San Antonio, the standard DAT score is an 18.6, so take another practice test.
Student A: "Dude, it's cool that you copy my physics homework and all, but isn't your DAT score going to suffer?

Student B:*laughs* "I don't have to know that physics problem, I'm taking the DAT!:

Student A: Oh yeah, I forgot. *under breath* stupidass.

I passed up almost assured sex with a cute bridesmaid because of the DAT.
by ArthurG April 30, 2008
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