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3 definitions by Arthur Wulf

The behavior of lowly life forms that often spam the habitat of more advance life forms with tremendous ignorance.
I can't believe he made XXL a mod in this board, he has a third degree in Snightism and Advance Nincompoopia.
by Arthur Wulf September 09, 2003
1 0
A member that is new to a group and arguably male in gender that loves anal sex(on the recieving part).
Those who are ignorant and annoying.

Examples: Ace, Snight and XXL.
Snight is a n00bing fagg0t, all he talks about is putting a nail in Ace's ass and sucking him off real good.
by Arthur Wulf September 09, 2003
12 20
To take monopoly over a board by posting just as much as any other three users at any time, thus causing that forum to die a slow death -

To cleverly(or not so cleverly) flame or edit posts of annoying spammers trying to incite laughter at other members.

A person that still lives the 8/16-bit era of games in his mind and because of that chooses to ignore today's reality and the world we live in, saying that it is evil and boring...
"This guy has been dynaing this place until he was the only one left and then it took him ten days to quit posting"

-"Hehe , that was a good dyna you pulled on that damn spammer, he will not be back soon."

-"There are too many of those Dynas in that old arcade to put them all in a mental hospital, might as well just leave them."
by Arthur Wulf September 11, 2003
8 19