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To shit yourself.

This distressing occurrence usually happens part-way through a ferocious fart, whilst demonstrating to family and friends the devastating capabilities of your anus.

WARNING: Do not partake in any activities that carry a high risk of nugget-chucking whilst wearing boxer shorts, unless you first tuck your trousers into your socks.

'If you don't stop farting you'll chuck a nugget.'

'Oh no, I think I've just chucked a nugget!'

'Grandma came round for dinner yesterday. She farted at the dinner table and mum had to take her to the bathroon for inspection. Later that evening I heard her tell auntie Brenda that Gran had chucked a nugget.'
by Arthur Damage March 26, 2007
The male sexual organ.

When encouraged to the necessary length, the aforementioned organ can be used for wiping the kidneys of any game bird*, preferably up the jacksie.

*Please note: game bird means a girl who is up for it, not a pheasant or moorhen.
'Hey darling, fancy sitting on my kidney-wiper?'

'I wouldn't mind wiping her kidneys!'
by Arthur Damage March 26, 2007
A Jaguar XJ6.

Etymology: From the the council estate of Leigh Park, near Havant in Hampshire and a luxury car manufactured by Bentley Motors Ltd, Crewe, UK.

Such is the level of peasantry prevalent in the aforementioned estate, the highest status peasants (who work part-time on the checkout at Havant Hypermarket), can afford the required £395 to buy and park a Jaguar XJ6 on the grass verge outside their hovel. Despite this shameful one-upmanship, their relative status is recognized, and as a result they are duly credited with ownership of a vehicle greater than the one they own. Consequently the Jaguar XJ6, as seen less often than Ford Sierras in council estates countrywide, is upgraded symbolically to attain the status of a Bentley.

See also 'Leigh Park Jag'
'Wow, look, there's a Leigh Park Bentley! Ha ha ha ha ha!'

'Jim's just bought a Leigh Park Bentley for banger racing.'
by Arthur Damage March 26, 2007
A beverage manufactured by the traditional cider-making process, but by substituting the apples for dirty wet curtains.

Originally conceived by the author as the result of a misheard lorry-related statement (curtain-sider; a style of lorry body), the resulting drink is surprisingly potent, whilst being easy to produce at home.

Naturally the potency of the drink is subject to the provenance of the curtains: the older the curtains the better the kick, although newer curtains pose less of a risk to health.

'Did you see that Scania curtain-sider?'
'That curtain-sider!'
'Curtain cider? I wouldn't mind trying a drop of that!'
by Arthur Damage March 26, 2007
dog shit

Etymology: a euphemism derived from the spoonerized and abbreviated original term: dog shit = shog dit = shog.

First used in the early 1970s by the author's mum, the phrase was often to be heard whilst out walking, due to the propensity for one's shoes to find the aforementioned medium with frightening regularity.

NOTE: The event is often followed by a ritual display that could easily be confused with the Michael Jackson 'moonwalk' as the victim utilizes the nearest grass verge in order to remove as much 'shog' as possible.
'Look out for that shog!'

'I knew it. He's gone right in that shog!'

'Oh God, you've got shog everywhere again!'
by Arthur Damage March 26, 2007

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