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A person who works upwards of 80 hours a week , travels constantly, and drinks excessively. Probably works for EY, PWC, Deloitte, or KPMG. Charges clients between $250 and $1100 an hour to perform work that could be done by a team of trained monkey's. Auditors generally have no social life as all their spare time is taken up by work related events. Most external auditors leave their firms within 5 years to take up middle-upper management postitions in order to spend time with the family that they forgot they had. Those who are left behind eventually become partners and sit in their offices all day counting their money, stained with the blood and sweat of 25 year old college grads.
I basically just gave up on life so i could become an auditor earn lots of money and never spend it.
by Arthur Andersson July 10, 2008
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