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An animated band. A side project of blur frontman Damon Albarn, they span all genres from punk to electronica to reggae. Their first self-titled album surprisingly went platinum. They had 3 popular singles from their first album: Tomorrow Comes Today, Clint Eastwood, and 19-2000. They then released an EP of b-sides and remixes from their first album. On January 7th of 2002 they released a new album of remixes. The album was unpopular, and for 1 year the gorillaz seemingly disappeared. On February 25th of 2003 they broke their silence by posting on their message board. After this they did not appear often, only sometimes giving interviews about their upcoming album. On May 24th 2005 their second album, Demon Days, was released. It reached number 1 on the UK charts and number 6 on the US charts, and its first single, Feel Good Inc. (featuring the rap group De La Soul) became a hit. New singles from Demon Days are to be released throughout 2005.
The box "example" is not explained fully enough to have any purpose.
by Artful_Dodger June 17, 2005

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