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An alias that can be used for almost any purpose. The most popular careers of this particular alias include architect, marine biologist, importer-exporter, author of "Venetian Blinds", and manufacturer of latex. This alias can be used by a male or female, as "Art" can stand for either Arthur or Artemis.
I'm very close to getting a job with Vandelay Industries. They deal in latex.

I'm Art Vandelay. An architect.
by Artemis Vandelay May 18, 2011
An emotion often felt when all of the rum is gone. Symptoms include denial, feelings of hopelessness, staggered walking, and repeated questioning of WHY the rum is gone.
Jack Sparrow: Why is the rum gone?
Jack Sparrow: But WHY is the rum gone?
Jack Sparrow: Why is the rum always gone? *staggers drunkenly* Ah. That's why.

Other Pirate 1: What happened to him?
Other Pirate 2: Rum exasperation.
by Artemis Vandelay July 25, 2011
An insult taken from the popular Last Day of Work game series, Virtual Villagers. Is often used to accentuate laziness, ineptitude, or dorkiness.
Tim: I was way to tired to get up for work today, I know I'll never get that promotion, but at least I can play Plant Tycoon.

Mark: Dude, you are being such a Virtual Villager.
by Artemis Vandelay June 12, 2011
A girl who is so obsessed with the idea of being Sweeney Todd's girlfriend that she will shut herself away from all other attempts at wooing. This girl is usually Goth, emo, or at least is attracted to men with wild black hair and eyeliner. She is sometimes so obsessed with the idea of dating an innocent-looking, quite cute and sexy serial killer, that she is more than willing to pull a Nellie Lovett and die rather than not date a serial killer.
Dude 1: Hey, did you get a date with Artemis yet?
Dude 2: Nah, she's a total SweeneyChick. If I hear her sing "A Little Priest" one more time, *I* might have to throw her in the oven.

Dude 1: I never understand those girls. Don't they realize he'd just end up killing them?
Dude 2: I think that's what turns them on...
by Artemis Vandelay July 23, 2011
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