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1. A.K.A the frozen stranger

2. The act of packing your arm in snow for 10 minutes then jerking off with a beaver pelt, covering yourself with "Canadian KY" A.K.A. maple syrup, while half gaging yourself with an American Flag.
Hey Darrel, yesterday was Canadian history day, like everyday ending in "Y" in Canada is.
by artdickyoulate February 06, 2010
Making sweet love to your girl on her waterfall heavy "flow" day. As usual you pull out, cum on her face, but this time paint a smile by slap-wipe, zorro style, your bloody cock against her mouth leavin a huge red grin on her now creamy white face. You laugh and whisper, " I know how you got your scars."
"Laugh and the world laughs with you, sob, and the world knows you've been jokered."
by Artdickyoulate February 04, 2010
When your "booty call" comes over in the middle of the night sneaks in keeping the lights off, blind folds and fucks you silly- kevin style- 'till you passout. Takes a shit on your chest and whispers in your ear "I'm your brother, I'm batman," before dissapearing into the night.
As she woke in the morning, the dreadful feeling, what happened last night, was real. After wiping the fresh fecal matter off her chest, the words, "I am batman," echoed in her ears, this was no dream, it was a dark knight.
by ArtDickyoulate February 04, 2010
The historical Canadian sexual position is where the receiver is bobbing for "chocolate apples" in a public restroom while being fucked in the ass, using maple syrup as lube. The giver should be wearing an American flag and facing north.
Yesterday was just another Canadian history lesson in Thunder Bay
by Artdickyoulate February 06, 2010

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