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when you are home alone bord...you take the the fourskin and pull it over the head of the penis causing it to shrink and disapear until all you see is a minature vagina.
dear god willie i cant believe your packing the penis...aint seen that since skuffy mcguee
by Art Vandaleigh August 11, 2006
Increadibly Gay. Gay beyond belief, So gay that you almost are straight again, You flame is SOOOO bright that no one needs the sun.
Hey Jake you are Incredagay!
by Art Vandaleigh August 11, 2006
The weird sensation that you get when you rub two fingertips together feeling the tiny vibrations go through your body.
I hate getting fingertippage done to me.
by Art Vandaleigh August 13, 2006
when yancking on your vainy shaved loose nut skin and you get a large pile of left over skud meat you then pull that left over meat through your thumb and index finger causing there to be an 80yr old wrinkled brown loose vagina looking sack
watch me make a vagina sack out of my ball tissue
by Art Vandaleigh August 11, 2006
After having the driest anal sex you pull out the soft dick and their lies a bleeding heap of flesh and veiny skin.
I just had the dryiest hump and i am paying the price with this bloody foreskin.
by Art Vandaleigh August 11, 2006
The soupie rounchie liquid that is boiled between your ass cheeks and then proceedes to run down your leg, puddling in your shoe and leaving with it a smelly fish odor.
Oh shit, that bitch has anal sap running down her leg.
by Art Vandaleigh August 11, 2006
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