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An infestation.
George: Hey billy whats your opionion about "the human race"?
Billie: Its an infestation.
by Art E. Rie September 25, 2010
The High feeling you get off of benadryl.
Kyle: Dude im so stoned right now because i smoked some afgan goo earlyer.
Garrett: Well im dryled (dryld) as fuck because i took 15 benadryl earlyer. Where am I?
by Art E. Rie October 03, 2010
The act were you wave your testicals that have not been washed in a few days in someone elses face so they can smell the very unpleasent oroma.
Jew: Dude Garrett did the salty flapper to me the other day and i puked.
Garrett: Ya i know you dumb piece of shit im Garrett.
by Art E. Rie September 25, 2010

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