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1.adv. - Confidently signaling agreement; more specifically used to indicate: "Yes, my brethren, I whole-heartedly concur to you in your afore mentioned set position on the current topic of discussion;" Roughly synonymous to 'word' in this context.
2.interj. - Signaling confirmation and/or reiteration of what was just said. Roughly synonymous with the questions: "Really?" or "Word?"
3.adj. - The condition or state of being equivalent to a situations actual state.
4.adv. - Signaling awkwardness or the approach of one's attention span threshold; Also can be regarded as responding to a posed question, though 'tru' does not necessarily mean the answer is correct.
5.adj. - Whole heartedly submitted to one's cause
6.adj. - On da real
1. I'm hungry. response: tru.
2. I'm hungry. response: oh, tru?
3. Mah boyz is tru soldias.
4a. "My day? Oh first I woke up and then...(blah blah blah). response: tru, tru
4b. My 74 year old overweight and flatulant biology teacher who never bathes and enjoys eating our animals after we dissect them is very attractive. response: Umm...tru...
4c. OH JUNK! When do we have class again? response: tru
5. Those oppressed peeps is mah tru soldias.
6. That speaker kept it tru.
by Arslaan March 20, 2005
1.n. - A collection and coagulation of various styles and thoughts within one field or domain of culture.
2.n. - The building or situation in which one party learns various new ideas as set by another party, somewhat signaling a degree of servitude
3.v. - The act of teaching or humbling an outside party in areas in which the first party claims to exceed successfully.
4.n. - The state of all parties being in equilibrium with the suggested environment. Frequent pronounciation of the phrase "It is cool."
1. I hate this nu-skoo junk. I like the old skoo junk from back in da day.
2. Wat I need skoo fo? it aint no future fo me.
3. Imma hafta skoo you.
4. My bad. {response}: 'skoo
by arslaan March 09, 2005
1. n - e-b-a-d
hallo. my name is ebad, like e-b-a-d.
by arslaan February 10, 2004
1. The "f" word
2. A number between thirdeen and fiv-deen
1. Fourdeen you, jerkass
2. That vill be vun dollar and fourdeen cent
by arslaan February 10, 2004
"Big Idiot" or "Bitch-Idiot." I thought i was the only person who used that word until i saw my apparent soulmate put it on urbandictionary.
person 1: "lets eat salad."
person 2: "yous a bidiot." (then eats some lamb)
by arslaan August 03, 2006
1. adj. - the condition of my pent
2. adj. - dope
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
My pent are so tyte,
but not as tyte as you
by arslaan February 10, 2004
1. n. - pants
arslaan's pent are so tyte.
by arslaan February 10, 2004

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