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Yellow runny Poo that burns on the way out like mustard a result of a bad curry or food poisoning.
I have just had the worst crap and it burned on the way out and looked like the curry as it went in Korma yellow it was Arse Mustard
by Arse Mustard May 19, 2009
A female lady garden overgrown and coarse like gorilla hair
As I slid down her body my head was level with her nether region. My god she needed to trim as I coped a mouth full of her gorilla garden
by Arse mustard August 18, 2013
the piece of skin that joins the foreskin to the bellend on a mans penis
she was so tight i forced it in and ripped my gimbit off and it bled like hell.
by arse mustard May 20, 2009

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