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Abbreviations; Scumpton, Scummers, Scum

A small place situated on the outskirts of Portsmouth where inbred pikey looking people dwell, the capital of which is St Mary`s AKA The New Deli. On most Saturdays you will find a congragated mass on these monkeys at The New Deli dressed as red and white deck chairs. A funny race of people who worship a fat big nosed buddha from Guernsey. I guess red & white is appropriate because when mixed together these colours form pink, the perfect colour for those spineless faggot wankers who are not only clueless in their existence but also believe there is a Football Team situated in their scum hole city, when clearly everybody knows that there is only one real football team in Hampshire!

Up the Pomp!
Portsmouth 4 - Southampton 1

"We hate Southampton! We hate Southampton! We hate Scum!"
by Arry R September 14, 2006

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