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The result of seeing something that is the complete opposite of sexy.
A fatty walks up in low cut shirt with a wonderbra holding up her huge fat cans. "Dude, that's nasty, she's giving me an unrection."
by Arrogant Bastard February 22, 2008
1. a sexual act often used by a guy who wants to give his girl a facial. This is only effective from the doggy style or similar position. Just before the guy cums, he pulls out and spits on the girls back, so that she thinks he's coming, when she invariably turns her head, he shoots right for her face. This takes skill, agility, good acting and pretty good "long shot."
Tony's girl was being a prude about facials, so the other night, he pulled the ole' ghost load.
by Arrogant Bastard March 28, 2007
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