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3 definitions by ArrghPaine

Acidic hate speech wrapped in the flag and proudly proffered as if it makes one "more American"
Rush Limbaugh's radio program is frequently peppered with patriolic language.
by Arrghpaine July 21, 2012
The act of aggressively touting your patriotism while encouraging behavior that is contrary to the principles the country was founded on.
1 - Every time Cheney defends torture he reinforces his patriotisnt.
2 - Hoping for the failure of the Elected President of the United States is a measure of your patriotisnt.
by ArrghPaine March 07, 2010
The ideological lurch by the GOP to the radical right by practically any political circumstance that might piss off an elderly white dude.
Health care reform passage caused a vehement teaction in the GOP even though the final law closely resembled proposals of the GOP in the era of Hilarycare.
by ArrghPaine March 31, 2010