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An advocate generally of the rights of indigenous people to live in and self-govern their native homelands - including but not exclusively referring to Jews and Israel.
Jews are native to Israel, Hindus to India, Muslims to the Arabian Peninsula, and indigenous tribes claim native status in many parts of the world. The right of indigenous people to live in and peacefully participate in self-government is a zionist ideal.
by Aron October 04, 2004
The principle that each of the many indigenous cultures across the globe contains beliefs and practices that allow people to live in harmony with the laws of nature in their specific homelands - including but not limited to Jews in Israel. Recognition, respect for, and empowerment of indigenous cultures - their languages, beliefs, and customs - enhances the sustainability and quality of life of human civilization. The Holocaust, pogroms, and many episodes of genocide suffered by Jews and other indigenous peoples have been symptomatic of the loss of a homeland and lack of appreciation for the value of native cultures.
Genocide and environmental degradation are the problem. Zionism is the answer.
by Aron October 05, 2004
A person opposed to the establishment of Israel in modern times. Anti-Zionists usually downplay or deny the connection between modern and ancient Israel. Because Israel is an explicitly Jewish nation, anti-Zionism is considered by many to be a form of anti-Semitism.
Israelis are colonists. Judaism and the Hebrew language are not indigenous to Israel, but were invented by European Zionists.
by Aron March 06, 2005
What's up man or rock on dude.
When you see someone say "Word up dog!" Or when someone does something cool say "Word up dog!"
by Aron December 17, 2003
to kiss your mothers tupence
i cant get a girl, can i lick you out mum
by aron August 13, 2004
big breasts
that lady has huge ding dongs
by aron January 21, 2004
a term used in expression of amazement.
Zotz! Did you see that guy juggle the four microwaves?
by Aron April 22, 2003
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