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In Texas Hold 'em, an Ace and a King in the pocket (AK). Has an uncanny tendency to lose, whether to a lower pair, three of a kind, or a straight.
Anna Kournikova...looks good but it never wins.
by Arock November 26, 2005
Probably the coolest person there ever was and ever will be.
Man I wanna be like Minardi!

My mom says when I grow up I can be a Minardi too!
by Arock December 11, 2005
squanch: To stop, put down, or generally put an end to something.

Buzz squanch: a person who just ruins a good time because they suck.
" God john is such a buzz squanch, whenever he comes around he turns on the lights, throws out the beers, and sends all our good pussy home"
by arock July 21, 2014
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