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2 definitions by Arnold Palmer

The object of the boner game is to see who can get a boner the fastest, usually played in boring classes to pass the time. To play the boner game you must:
1) wear sweat pants or silky shorts for obvious evidence
2) only use your mind (i.e. no pictures, sounds, etc.)
3) 2 or more players necessary

Winner is awarded upon announcement of full blown hard-on and proven by bulge in sweats or shorts
Mitch and I were playing the boner game in Spanish today and Mrs. Johnson totally caught us!
by Arnold Palmer March 01, 2008
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velfie - it's a video selfie
e.g. J-Lo just sent me a velfie on skype

or: here's a little velfie from last night at the oscars
by arnold palmer February 11, 2014
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