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The object of the boner game is to see who can get a boner the fastest, usually played in boring classes to pass the time. To play the boner game you must:
1) wear sweat pants or silky shorts for obvious evidence
2) only use your mind (i.e. no pictures, sounds, etc.)
3) 2 or more players necessary

Winner is awarded upon announcement of full blown hard-on and proven by bulge in sweats or shorts
Mitch and I were playing the boner game in Spanish today and Mrs. Johnson totally caught us!
by Arnold Palmer March 01, 2008
Your favorite place to masturbate in peace. Your fortress of fap solitude.
What does Eric do all day?

Idk probably fap in his fap cave.
by Arnold palmer October 09, 2014
velfie - it's a video selfie
e.g. J-Lo just sent me a velfie on skype

or: here's a little velfie from last night at the oscars
by arnold palmer February 11, 2014

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