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2 definitions by Army Baseball

A cadet at West point who is brutal beyond belief by being to HOOAH! for there own good. They enjoy all things cadet like spirit missions, asking for knowledge and their favorite sport, ultimate frisbee. Basically slugs are gay.
Guy 1: Hey Texas, you like going on spirt missions and wearing your dog tags all over the place. You are such a slug.
Guy 2: Ya Slugado, you are brutal
Guy 3: I am really not that slugish and you know it.
by Army Baseball October 27, 2008
A cadet at West Point who is brutal beyond belief. They usually enjoy everything hooah at West Point and are extremely annoying. Their favorite activities include: FCDT, spirit missions, ruck marches, plebe duties, and dressing up for spirit dinners. Basically, slugs are gay.
Guy 1: Hey scott you are a slug
Guy 2: Ya slugado you are annoying.
Slug: Hey man I am not that much of a slug
Guy 1: yes you are Scott
Guy 2: Ya you and Squirtl should go bayonet people.
by Army Baseball December 07, 2008