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1. A hypnotic state in which one may be put in by something (such as trance music).

2. A weekly radio show broadcast on ID-T dutch radio in which Armin Van Buuren plays the newest and hottest tunes of the moment.
Look at that zombie, it's like he's in a state of trance!

Welcome to A State Of Trance, with Armin Van Buuren.
by Armin Van Buuren July 27, 2003
A phrase used to describe one's intense pleasure/euphoria towards something, usually music of the electronica genre.

This phrase may be considered overused and annoyed by some people.
OMG I DIE!! This track owns me!
by Armin Van Buuren July 26, 2003
Special edition.
Check out this Honda SE!
by Armin Van Buuren July 27, 2003
Literally translated from dutch to mean "chicken-skin", i.e the sensation known as goosebumps. It is used to describe the sense of euphoria as a result of a form of trance music.
Wow.. kippenvel! this track is mindblowing.
by Armin Van Buuren July 26, 2003
A theoretical scale from 1-10 used to rate the euphoria of a trance track, i.e the magnitude of the kippenvel that the track conveys.

Woah! This remix surely hits a 9.5 on the kippenvel meter!!
by Armin Van Buuren July 27, 2003

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