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Someone who is utterly useless. Refers to the least-selected crayon in the box.
I don't know how that guy ended up getting promoted, he never does ANYTHING. He's a White Crayon.
by Armed & Hammered July 26, 2006
A very specific type of Sales Professional who employs over-the-top ass-kissing techniques in an awkward attempt to build artificial rapport and position themselves within the prospect's circle of peers/friends/family so as to leverage a sale. The "Steak Cutter" will often inaccurately refer to their methods as "Relationship Selling."
TM: Did you see Dave at the company dinner fetching drinks for the client's wife all night?

IEM: Yeah, he's a total Steak Cutter.
by Armed & Hammered July 26, 2006
A homosexual male with emotional issues.
You should have seen the way Bruce burst out into tears while watching Lifetime the other day . . . that boy is a bruised fruit!
by Armed & Hammered July 27, 2006
An ancient Jewish martial art. Thought to be developed by the mysterious Ninjews of the Northeastern United States, but heavily practiced in Boca Raton, FL.
That shiksa waitress spilled soup all over my lap, so I threatened the manager with some I-Su, and I ended up getting dinner on the house, with free dessert thrown in.
by Armed & Hammered July 28, 2006

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