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kid I'd like to fuck
"...dude, I know she's only 15, but she's such a hot little kilf."
by Armand June 26, 2003
the family called "le family le buron" was a very rich familly who lived in suthern france in the times og the yuggonots. But when the poor people were trying to take control over france the Buron familly leaved france and some of them moved til USA and denmark, were the still have economic class
Buron the familly of france
by Armand January 04, 2005
A very famous and rich yugggonot familiy from france. Now mostly living in denmark, north from Copenhagen. Most off there values are placed i european banks.
Poet in france wrote: la buron e piu la tute gente.. the burons are over all other people
by Armand January 04, 2005
a man with a hand for a penis.
That guy has one hell of a mensi!
by Armand December 19, 2004
meaning cool in south african surf culture
that is a kieff board man!
by armand October 25, 2003

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