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Main Entry: Koyoto
Pronunciation: Kyah-oh-toe
Function: Noun, Verb
Etymology: Gekisen
Date: before 21th century
1 : A busted condom, a mistake
2 : A morbid obese Giraffe
3 : A pathological liar
4 : A newbie
5 : Triple penetration hardcore anal sex while being teabagged by five Indian midgets covered in ranch dressing while skying diving with sliding glass doors covered in mayonaise
1 : Son, I am sorry to tell you but your a Koyoto...it was a wild night in Las Vegas on New years eve.

2: There are thousands of Koyotos dying each year in the plains of Africa.

3: I know your sleeping around on me Chad, stop being a koyoto.

4 : Wow...these kid is such a Koyoto.

5 : Damn man you missed that party last night, there was a HUGE Koyoto in the living room man!
by Arkaine March 28, 2005
Main Entry: Kidoumaru
Pronunciation: Kid-o-mar-ew
Function: Noun, Verb
Etymology: Gekisen
Date: 21th century
1:A Penis
"I was whacking my Kidoumaru this morning and I found a sore"

"The only thing I remember is a huge Kidoumaru spewing kufel all over my eyes and now I am Blind"

"Help!!! My Kidoumaru is stuck to my hand"
by Arkaine August 05, 2005

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