2 definitions by Arjuna Krishna-Das

When your mobile (cell) phone is abused by your significant other to ask the four mobile questions:
1. Where are you?
2. Who are you with?
3. What are you doing?
4. When will you be coming home?
Oh-oh I gotta reject this call, it's my electronic tagging.
by Arjuna Krishna-Das July 09, 2006
very small car aimed primarily at the female market (note: American readers may be unfamiliar with the term 'small car' but will no doubt become more familiar with it as peak oil hits). From Rogers Profanisaurus/Viz comic.
All five of us wanted to go to the park, but as the only car available was Sandra's broomstick, I had to go by bicycle - which was quicker anyway.
by Arjuna Krishna-Das January 24, 2007

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