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Shoten Zenjin is a borrowed Chinese word for the protective forces of nature.
In Nichiren Buddhism, the term Shoten Zenjin is included as part of the silent prayers while doing gongyo, which is chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo (Daimoku) and then the Lotus Sutra is chanted in between. To learn Gongyo practice one can go to the Soka Gakai website at the sgi-usa.org website and click on either slow or fast gongyo to listen and learn. Daimoku, the chanting of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is paramount repeatedly for as long as possible in order to empower one's self to reach their full potential.
Shoten Zenjin are the protective forces of nature. Nam Myoho Renge Kyo (Naum Myo-Ho Rain-Gay Kyo) Nam (devotion to) Myoho (the mystic law) Renge (lotus) Kyo (sound). Nichiren Buddhists chant extra when problems or challenges arise.
by Arizona Mildman November 28, 2009
Religious trolls are people who abuse their authority as a supposed spiritual leader and abuse religion by using religion as an excuse to hate and discriminate against specific demographics, by race, religious affiliation, nonreligious affiliation (atheists and agnostics), sexual orientation, sex, national origin, or political affiliation.
"People like Pat Robertson, who demonizes gay people, minorities, people of other nations. and people who aren't like him and believe like he does, in any way, are religious trolls. Their own religious texts, when read, do not substantiate any of the things they say but they always use religion to excuse their hatred and bigotry towards others, saying that it is the will of God. They constantly misinterpret or cherry pick scripture to excuse their actions and speech."
by Arizona Mildman April 18, 2015
Public Trolls : people who go out in public to protest and/or picket any charitable, worthwhile, and/or progressive cause in order to try to distract from the real public outrage and genuine cause for public concern and to discredit actual topics and their proponents.
Public Trolls are the kind of people who picket funerals, Occupy Wall Street Protests, and any political rally for progress, I.E. Tea Party, Westboro Baptist Church, Limbaugh's Losers, Karl's Kretins.
by Arizona Mildman December 03, 2014
A politician who makes ridiculous inflammatory statements during press conferences or news broadcasts solely for the purpose of gaining attention and trying to remain relevant to voters who are ill informed and have low information. Their purpose is to distract from the real important issues that they are supposed to be dealing with and distracting voters and the news media away from primary scandals and real issues that are going on. Their stories are intended to anger or cause fear to sway voters, if nothing more than for short term public opinion and votes.
The political troll is always present in the legislative branch, as if they are trying to be all three branches government by themselves. About once a month, another political troll in the U.S. congress or some state legislature comes up with another "scandal" that actually turns out to be baseless and not consistent with any factual information, in an attempt to start another foreign war or discredit another politician or hurt an opponent's credibility.
by Arizona Mildman September 29, 2013
Someone who says inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic statements in a news broadcast or at least on television or radio broadcasts, with the primary intent of provoking listeners into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion. This is done to distract from the actual issues and to get the News Troll's name repeated in other news forums or shows in order to remain relevant and to sell their books to their listening audience, the people who want to believe that the ridiculous things that News Trolls state are true .
News Trolls like Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Shawn Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, or other supposed "news" media commentators that actually spread propaganda and misinformation campaigns instead of actual news stories for people that don't consider reality good enough for them and/or believe that critical thinking and facts are either "liberal biased", or "left wing". Anyone trying to instill fear, anger, or distract from the real issues of the day is a News Troll.
by Arizona Mildman September 09, 2013

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