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Someone who leaves work early a lot.
That SweetD is leaving at 3:30 again!
by Arizona January 04, 2005
Person who is seriously addicted to Sirius Satellite Radio and pornography
Dude, I think my brother is going HeavyB3 on me, is there a 12 step program?
by Arizona January 04, 2005
Giving out many of one particular item or service to a lot of people.

Named after how Oprah gave out lots of her cars to anyone on her show.
That slut pulled an Oprah last night and gave everyone blowjobs.
by AriZona May 29, 2014
Someone who eats a lot. They don't necessarily always have to be fat.
Bob: Are you gonna eat all of your fries?
Boob: Yes, fatass.
by arizona July 14, 2012

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