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A guy on tom clancys rainbow six vegas that kills you unexpectedly with a machinegun.
I almost beat terrorist hunt but then i got killed buy machinegun guy.
by Aritakeclan April 17, 2009
An artificial intellegence that makes stupid remarks/actions.
(5 terrorist, 1 player)
Terrorist:"They have me surrounded!!!"

Terrorist jumps out of window to rappel only to be shot by player.

Player: "That AItard"
by Aritakeclan April 17, 2009
Someone that plays online games like GTA 4 and steals any vehicle in sight.
Dude, that noob is a haphappy hitchhiker
by Aritakeclan April 29, 2009
the most untrue phrase known to man
hey bob canada rules
hey steve you suck
by Aritakeclan April 17, 2009

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