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A girl of unmatched beauty. Mirrors will shatter after she looks into them for they know they will never see anything more stunning ever again so why exist. Rio is sincere and a fierce advocate of her friends. Her eyes are like pools of sunshine and all the boys want to bath in them. Her wit and intellect are unmatched she could have gone to Oxford but she was too busy being a boss. Her smile is breathtaking. She can bake 30 minute brownies in 20. Children trust her. She is more adorable than a kitten in a bonnet. But, most importantly Rio is herself.

Oh and she has abs like Jesus.
Any guy lucky enough to have the heart of a Rio would be a fool to let her go

You aint never had a girl like a Rio

I'd search the world for a Rio
by AristotleLives December 22, 2012

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