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A student who doesn’t have a thesis

Athesists, students who don’t have a thesis, question the existence of their thesis. They doubt the function, benefit and role of thesis in their education. They think they don’t need a thesis and think that thesis is not important. Athesism could lead to destructive behavior such as spending too much time in the canteen instead of the library and engaging in behaviors that are not related to thesis writing.
I was an athesist for two semesters until my professor approved my thesis. I thought I would never graduate!
by Aristogama October 22, 2008
A condition experienced by some students because their friends have thesis and they don’t. Usually this happens when friends are starting to complete their thesis and graduate while these students are stuck with their own thesis. Thesis envy could lead to several conditions. One of the conditions is regression. This can be seen when thesis-writing students take classes that are meant for students below their level, for example taking classes for first or second year students. Another condition is professor complex, the students identify themselves with their professors and/or have an unconscious desire to kill their professors.
Example 1

He told me he wants to kill his professor because his professor is being very difficult with his thesis. I think he has thesis envy.

Example 2

Dude, seriously. You're beginning to talk like Professor Burns. I thing you have thesis envy.
by Aristogama October 22, 2008

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